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Gasworks Studios is a former artist workspace founded in 2004. We were located east of Gasworks Park, in the big blue Gasworks Gallery building, across the street from Ivar's restaurant, on Lake Union.

In the Fall of 2021, our lease 
expired and the land was prepared for a new building to emerge. The massive gorgeous wooden beams of the 100 year old building were salvaged and they have moved on to create more beauty in Seattle. We've been fortunate over the years to work in such a lovely classic wooden building.


We had so much fun. Everyday was an adventure. From day one, we began hosting events. What started as a way for me to have my own private art gallery and a massive art studio, turned into hundreds of amazing parties and open studio events. Gasworks Gallery brought 17 years of contribution to the Seattle art scene. We will never forget the experiences we shared and all the art careers we launched into the world.


The location was bright and warm with 25-foot ceilings and a constant 24hr flow of smiles and creative energy. The fabulous exposed vintage timber and endless windows gave the space mass amounts of natural light and immeasurable charm. We had 60 art studios and one large photography studio in the 12000 sq. ft. building. We welcomed new faces everyday.

Gasworks Studios is proud to have launched, a grassroots community project we created. The project was designed to deliver large quantities of potatoes to the annual Northwest Harvest Food Drive. Our grassroots organization began in 2004, just weeks after we opened our doors. Along with the generous contributions of F.C. Bloxom company and a select group of my friends and fellow artists, we delivered over a million pounds of spuds to those in need throughout the state. Mashed Potatoes delivered the very first tractor-trailer load of food to the King 5 Team Harvest food drive.

Here's a
 Video of one of our massive annual spud drops.

Gasworks Gallery is also known for the 2006 launch of Paint Dancing. We began with a vision to support food banks around the country in their efforts to diminish the threat of hunger. Paint Dancing was created for the purpose of openly expressing ourselves for fun in two different mediums - AT ONCE! From here, Paint Dancing traveled around the world at lightning speed. We launched a new movement and the press loved it!  

Here's just a 
few of the videos that news organizations across America shared with their viewers.

A huge thank you goes out to all the wonderful people that helped create this amazing period in our lives!


Special thanks goes out to Winston Westerman. He was the resident artist that was always there when we needed him. Everyone loved him so much. The friendship we developed over the years continues to this day as one of my dearest of friends.


Thanks can not go out without mentioning my friend Rob Damus. He was the studio rental manager for over 10 years. He was the first person that everyone met when they decided to rent a studio. He always had a smile and made everyone feel at home.


Friends and guests that came to an open studio event, will remember the warm hello they received at the welcome table. My dear friend David Sterling and his lovely mother, Jan were the first faces our guests saw when they entered the building. The number one rule was everyone gets a name tag. We wanted them all to feel like family. There were countless evenings that we blasted through over 500 tags. Sometimes the line to get in was over 50 feet from the entrance. David and Jan helped us spread joy and collect food for Northwest Harvest for 10 years prior to Jan retiring from her volunteer services. I will forever be thankful for their generous dedication to our vision of feeding millions. 

Here I am with David and our first load of spuds, in 2004. Photo


And of course, to all the colorful and creative artists and regular guests that blessed our halls over the years with their smiles and creativity. There are just too many to name. We loved each and every one of them!

For me, this was one of the most amazing periods of my life. I can't begin to express how grateful I am to have had the good fortune to share this crazy adventure with my friends, fellow artists and our faithful band of colorful guests. I will forever remember all that we created and shared with our beautiful city. This was a true blessing on the grandest of scales.

Thanks to everyone,

Matt Jones

Seattle artist and hunger awareness activist

art studios

Art Studios

Lakeside Art Studios in Seattle is Gasworks Gallery's waterfront location, in Fremont.

Come and play (oh, we mean work) in our funky art warehouse built over the lake in the hippest new neighborhood in Seattle!

We are, of course, talking about the wonderful neighborhood of Stone Way North, located between Fremont and Wallingford, on Lake Union.

Paint Parties

Paint Dancing

Paint Dancing is an international craze created by Gasworks Gallery in 2006 for the purpose of openly expressing yourself for fun in 2 different mediums, AT ONCE!


Paint Dancing is a safe, supportive and fun environment. Paint Dancing sponsors supply the non-toxic paint, brushed and paper! All you need is your paint clothes and you are ready to PAINT DANCE!

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