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"I came to the Paint Dancing event on the 19th as a way to push myself out of my comfort zone. It was fabulous, and I can't wait for the next one." Curt Rosengren


"Inspiring, Liberating, Experimental, Intelligent Welcoming, Relaxing, Funny, Even SIlly, Groove thing shaking gang of cool people... thank heavens this is happening, it's so cool, and Matt is so Wonderful!!!" Elli


"It's a total blast having 30 people painting and dancing in my studio! I love sharing this incredible event with everyone!" Matt Jones, Founder of Paint Dancing - Seattle WA.


"Hi! I went to my first paint dancing party last night and had such a great time, I definitely will be back again! I love art, music, and dance. This meetup group is perfect for me!" Isabella - Seattle WA.


"My friends have been talking about this for a while! What a great idea. I happen to love dancing and enjoy painting but I never thought of doing them at the same time :)" Jennifer - Seattle WA.


"The Gasworks Gallery has the most fun and intriguing events! Thanks Matt!" Trisha Nerney - Seattle WA.


"Paint Dancing is so insanely fun I can barely stand it. As a wise man once said... "Yee-haw!" Curt Rosengren - Seattle WA.


"I attended the Paint Dancing event last night and it was even more fun than I thought it would be. Thank you for providing such a safe & fun venue for self-expression, Matt! I enjoyed the space, I enjoyed the beautiful art, and I enjoyed the people. It was truly the most fun I've had in a long time. And knowing that the proceeds are going to such a good cause is the icing on the cake. Sara, Seattle WA.


Matt, I'm in awe! You've created a very pleasing environment at Gasworks Gallery (it feels good to be there) - people are having fun while helping to provide food for the less fortunate and that ever-present smile on your face indicates that you are having a fine time while making it all happen. I've had an excellent time at Paint Dancing events and plan to show up again. Thanks! David Cassity - Seattle WA.


"I attended Matt's Painting Dancing last month, and it was fantastic. Great fun and a wonderful venue for expression. Matt was even kind enough to play the Supremes CD I brought! Thank you!" Sara - Seattle WA.


"Matt, Your Paint Dancing party was just too much fun. We are still talking about it and plan to tell all our friends to join in next time. Thanks again!" Trisha Nerney - On Location NW


"Le Diddy and I had too much fun! Cool people. Free stuff. Creative juices. Loved it." Lacey - Seattle WA.


"If you paint, come here and do it in a crazy crowd. If like me, you haven't painted since you were a kid, REEEEALLY get yourself to this event and lose yourself in the sunny, fun, no holds barred (that's a metaphor) get some paint on the paper and get going. James - Seattle WA.

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