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Studio 507

Studio number 507 is our largest and most premium studio. It is about 18'x20'. It also has a long hallway that doubles as storage that is about 20' long and 4.5' wide. The studio has its own separate entrance right beside the shared outdoor deck. It faces south and gets all-day sun. It has windows that open and fabulous views of the lake and marina. The floors are made of long vintage 12" by 3" planks that have been beautifully finished. The studio has running water and a large utility basin. It has a very efficient heater and is easy to heat in the winter. Electricity is free in all of our studios.

507 rents for just $995 a month.


Our Seattle waterfront location is beyond ultra cool! Come and play (oh, I mean work) in our funky art warehouse built over the lake in the hippest new neighborhood in Seattle! We are, of course, talking about the wonderful neighborhood of Stone Way North, located between Fremont and Wallingford, on Lake Union. Each studio has bright full spectrum over-head lighting and 9 ft ceilings with exposed joists. We have month-to-month agreements with no last or deposit.

Just a few of the benefits of our new lakeside location:

1. 10 art studios built over the lake.
2. Shared outdoor deck overlooking the marina and lake.
3. Dozens of restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops
4. Month-to-month agreements with no last or deposit.
5. Ultra hip community of artists and sailors.
6. 24-7 access and mega fast free internet

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