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Photography Studio Info

Thank you for your interest in renting a photography studio at Gasworks Gallery. We are located on the north shore of Lake Union in the beautiful and friendly neighborhood of Wallingford. We have over 50 art studios in our private 12,000 sq. ft. building and 1 fully equipped photography studio. 

Gasworks Studios is a family-friendly professional photography venue. Nude, erotic or boudoir photography are not allowed.  Models and photographers under 18 years of age are not allowed in the photography studios without their parents in attendance.  

Here a few examples of photo shoot plans we have available:

Month-to-Month Rental - up to 10 hours per month $175 - $17/hour.

Month-to-Month Rental - up to 25 hours per month $245 - $9.80/hour.

Photo shoot CREDIT for up to 30 hours (3 months to use hours) $495 - $17/hour.

Single photo shoot rental, up to 6 hours shoot: $195 - $32/hour.

The studios come equipped with white, black and grey seamless paper mounted on a smooth professional grade roller system. You can choose from up to 7 powerful and easy to use AlienBee flash heads with soft-boxes that are either suspended from the ceiling or mounted on heavy duty rolling light stands for quick and easy mobility. We have state of the art wireless flash hardware that will sync with any modern professional camera. 

Here is a list of additional benefits of renting your next photography
studio from us:

• Fabulous waterfront neighborhood

• Beautiful vintage building with exposed beams

• Private dressing room

• Large beautiful reception area

• Free parking

• 24/7 access to the building

• Safe neighborhood for you and your clients

• A cool and friendly artist community

• Family-friendly policies that exclude nude and erotic photography


Thank you for considering Gasworks Gallery for your photography needs.

Please feel free to email us your questions.


Rental Manager

Gasworks Gallery
3815 4th Ave NE
Seattle WA

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